Yorkville Public Library
Meeting Room Policy


Priority for the use of the Library`s Meeting Room will be given in the following order:

1.   Library-sponsored meetings / programs.
2.   Educational,  cultural and civic,  and public  information  events of  nonprofit organizations, whose membership includes residents of the City of Yorkville.
3.   Meetings / programs of nonprofit groups.

1.  Private social functions.
2.  Programs that are not suitable for the Library`s physical facilities.
3.  For-profit groups soliciting or selling products or services.
4. Programs not in keeping with the Library`s goals and objectives which would interfere with  the   Library`s work by causing excessive noise, safety hazard, security risk, etc.
5.  Gambling,  games,  or other recreational activities.


Meeting  Room Fee

Base rate ( 3 Hours ):  $50.00

Additional hourly rate:  $15.00

 A $50.00 security deposit will be required.

Maximum Occupancy:  149