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Art in the Library

The Yorkville Library loves highlighting great books, poetry, and visual art. In addition to our Creative Writing Group, Makerspace Tuesdays, and our other creative programs, you can find a local artist’s work in our large print section, our YPL Poem of the Week, and opportunities to learn about some obscure artists with our Artist of the Month series.

Calling All Poets & Artists


Poem of the Week

Check our Poem of the Week page here on the website or on the library’s Facebook. Each week we try to pick a fun, interesting, or inspiring poem to provoke thoughts. On Facebook – or upstairs in the library – you can answer our weekly questions and interact with library staff and the community.

Inspiring Minds

Beginning October 1st, the Adult Services department of the library will feature a display about Swedish artist John Bauer. Painting fantasy landscapes and strange characters based on Swedish folklore and fantasy, John Bauer is best known for creating the artwork in a series of Scandinavian children’s books. You’ve probably never heard of Bauer, but you’ve likely seen work inspired by his – Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal, the 2019 film Midsommar, and the Lush Caves in Minecraft all grew out of Bauer’s strange and unique artwork. Please come check out Bauer’s life and work anytime during the month of October.

Local Art Wall Display

Come on upstairs and take a look at the west wall in our large print section to view outstanding work by a local artist. Right now, we are featuring the work from a community art project which was possible because of a partnering between the Yorkville Public Library and the Kendall Arts Guild.

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