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Library Hours

Monday-Thursday: 9am-7pm Friday: 9am-5pm Saturday: 9am-4pm Sunday: Closed

Library Board Information

Current Trustees

Upcoming Board Meeting Dates

Special Meeting – June 1, 2024
June 10, 2024
July 8, 2024
August 12, 2024
September 9, 2024
October 14, 2024
November 11, 2024
December 9, 2024

Past Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Special Meeting 6-1-24Special Meeting Agenda 6-1-24
Library Board 5-13-24Library Board Agenda 5-13-24
Library Board 4-8-24Library Board Agenda 4-8-24Library Board Minutes 4-8-24
Library Board 3-11-24Library Board Agenda 3-11-24Library Board Minutes 3-11-24
Library Board 2-12-24Library Board Agenda 2-12-24Library Board Minutes 2-12-24
Finance Committee Meeting 2-7-24Agenda Finance Committee Meeting 2-7-24Finance Committee Minutes 2–7-24
Library Board 1-8-24Library Board Agenda 1-8-24Library Board Minutes 1-8-24
Library Board 12-11-23Library Board Agenda 12-11-23Library Board Minutes 12-11-23
Library Board 11-13-23Library Board Agenda 11-13-23Library Board Minutes 11-13-23
Library Board 10-9-23Library Board Agenda 10-9-23Library Board Minutes 10-9-23
Library Board 9-11-23Agenda 9-11-23
Notice – Remote meeting attendance
Library Board Minutes 9-11-23
Special Board Meeting 8-28-23Special Meeting Agenda 8-28-23Special Meeting Minutes 8-28-23
Policy Committee Meeting 8-23-23Agenda Policy Committee 8-23-23Policy Committee Minutes 8-23-23
Library Board 8-14-23Library Board Agenda 8-14-23Library Board Minutes 8-14-23
Personnel Committee Meeting 8-14-23Agenda Personnel Committee Meeting 8-14-23Personnel Committee Minutes 8-14-23
Finance Committee Meeting 7-17-23Agenda Finance Committee Meeting 7-17-23Finance Committee Minutes 7-17-23
Library Board 7-10-23Library Board Agenda 7-10-23Library Board Minutes 7-10-23
Personnel Committee Meeting 7-6-23Agenda Personnel Committee Meeting 7-6-23Personnel Committee Minutes 7-6-23
Library Board 6-12-23Library Board Agenda 6-12-23Library Board Minutes 6-12-23
Personnel Committee Meeting 5-22-23 Meeting CancelledAgenda Personnel Committee Meeting 5-22-23
Library Board 5-8-23Library Board Agenda 5-8-23
Notice-Remote Meeting Attendance
Library Board Minutes 5-8-23
Library Board 4-10-23Library Board Agenda 4-10-23Library Board Minutes 4-10-23
Physical Facilities Committee Meeting 4-10-23Agenda Physical Facilities Committee Meeting 4-10-23Physical Facilities Committee Minutes 4-10-23
Library Board 3-13-23Library Board Agenda 3-13-23Library Board Minutes 3-13-23
Finance Committee Meeting 2-27-23Agenda Finance Committee Meeting 2-27-23Finance Committee Meeting
Library Board 2-13-23Library Board Agenda 2-13-23Library Board Minutes 2-13-23
Library Board 1-9-23Library Board Agenda 1-9-23Library Board Minutes 1-9-23
Finance Committee Meeting 1-4-23Agenda Finance Committee Meeting 1-4-23Finance Committee Minutes 1-4-23
Library Board 12-12-22Library Board Agenda 12-12-22Library Board Minutes 12-12-22
Library Board 11-14-22Library Board Agenda 11-14-22Library Board Minutes 11-14-22
Library Board 10-10-22Library Board Agenda 10-10-22Library Board Minutes 10-10-22
Library Board 9-12-22Library Board Agenda 9-12-22Library Board Minutes 9-12-22
Library Board 8-8-22Library Board Agenda 8-8-22Library Board Minutes 8-8-22
Library Board 7-11-22Library Board Agenda 7-11-22Library Board Minutes 7-11-22
Personnel Committee Meeting 6-29-22Agenda Personnel Committee Meeting 6-29-22Personnel Committee Minutes 6-29-22
Physical Facilities Committee Meeting 6-28-22Agenda Physical Facilities Committee Meeting 6-28-22Physical Facilities Committee Minutes 6-28-22
Personnel Committee Meeting 6-20-22Agenda Personnel Committee Meeting 6-20-22Personnel Committee Minutes 6-20-22
Library Board 6-13-22Library Board Agenda 6-13-22Library Board Minutes 6-13-22
Library Board 5-9-22Library Board Agenda 5-9-22
Notice – Remote Meeting Attendance
Library Board Minutes 5-9-22
Library Board 4-11-22Library Board Agenda 4-11-22Library Board Minutes 4-11-22
Personnel Committee Meeting
Agenda Personnel Committee Meeting 3-28-22Personnel Committee Minutes 3-28-22
Library Board 3-14-22Library Board Agenda 3-14-22Library Board Minutes 3-14-22
Personnel Committee Meeting 3-14-22Agenda Personnel Committee Meeting 3-14-22Personnel Committee Minutes 3-14-22
Library Board 2-14-22Library Board Agenda 2-14-22Library Board Minutes 2-14-22
Facilities Committee Meeting 2-14-22Agenda Facilities Committee Meeting 2-14-22Facilities Committee Minutes
Finance Committee Meeting 1-31-22Agenda Finance Committee Meeting 1-31-22Finance Committee Minutes
Personnel Committee Meeting 1-31-22Agenda Personnel Committee Meeting 1-31-22Personnel Committee Minutes 1-31-22
Library Board 1-10-22Library Board Agenda 1-10-22Library Board Minutes 1-10-22
Library Board 12-13-21Library Board Agenda 12-13-21Library Board Minutes 12-13-21
Library Board 11-8-21Library Board Agenda 11-8-2021Library Board Minutes 11-8-2021
Library Board 10-11-2021Library Board Agenda 10-11-2021Library Board Minutes 10-11-2021
Library Board 9-13-2021Library Board Agenda 9-13-2021Library Board Minutes 9-13-2021
Library Board 8-9-2021Library Board Agenda 8-9-2021Library Board Minutes 8-9-2021
Policy Committee Meeting 9-8-2021Policy Meeting Agenda 9-8-2021Policy Meeting Minutes 9-8-2021
Finance Committee Meeting 8-9-2021Agenda Finance Meeting 8-9-2021Minutes Finance Meeting 8-9-2021
Agenda Coop. Educational Commission Meeting 7-19-21Agenda Coop. Educational Commission Meeting 7-19-21Minutes Coop. Educational Commission Meeting 7-19-21
Library Board 7-12-21Library Board Agenda 7-12-21 Library Board Minutes 7-12-2021
Policy Committee Meeting 7-7-21Agenda Policy Committee Meeting 7-7-21Policy Meeting Minutes 7-7-2021
Community Relations Committee Meeting 7-7-21Agenda Community Relations Committee Meeting 7-7-21Community Relations Meeting Minutes 7-7-2021
Policy Committee Meeting 6-30-21Agenda Policy Committee Meeting 6-30-21Library Board Minutes 06-30-21 – Policy
Physical Facilities Committee Meeting 6-21-21Agenda Physical Facilities Committee Meeting 6-21-21Library Board Minutes 06-21-21 – Physical Facilities
Library Board 6-14-21 Library Board Agenda 6-14-21Library Board Minutes 06-14-21
Community Relations Committee Meeting 5-24-21 Agenda Community Relations Committee Meeting 5-24-21Library Board Minutes 05-24-21 – Community Relations
Personnel Committee 5-17-21Personnel Committee Agenda 5-17-21
Agenda 5-10-21-Final
Library Board Minutes 05-17-21 – Personnel
Library Board 05-10-21Library Board Agenda 5-10-21Library Board Minutes 05-10-21
Special Meeting 4-26-2021Special Meeting 4-26-2021Library Board Minutes 04-26-21 special
Library Board 04-12-21 – PersonnelAgenda Personnel Committee 4-12-21Library Board Minutes 04-12-21 – Personnel
Library Board 04-12-21Library Board Agenda 4-12-21Library Board Minutes 04-12-21
Personnel Committee 04-05-21 Personnel Committee Minutes 04-05-21
Personnel Committee 3-31-2021Agenda Personnel Committee 3-31-2021Personnel Committee Minutes 03-31-21
Personnel Committee 3-29-2021 Agenda Personnel Committee 3-29-2021 Personnel Committee Minutes 03-29-21
Finance Committee 03-15-21 Agenda Finance Committee 03-15-21 Finance Committee Minutes 03-15-21
Personnel Committee 03-15-21Agenda Personnel Committee 03-15-21.docx Personnel Committee Minutes 03-15-21
Library Board 3-8-21Library Board Agenda 3-8-21Library Board Minutes 03-08-21
Library Board 2-8-21Library Board Agenda 2-8-21 Library Board Minutes 02-08-21
Library Board 2-1-2021 Special Library Board Agenda 2-1-2021 SpecialSpecial Meeting Minutes 02-01-21
Library Board 01-25-21 Special – CancelledLibrary Board Agenda 01-25-21 special – cancelled
Library Board 1-11-2021Library Board Agenda 1-11-2021 Library Board Minutes 01-11-21

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